Cindy Alexander "Deep Waters"/"American Girl"/"Curve" Bundle


Cindy Alexander "Deep Waters"/"American Girl"/"Curve" Bundle


This limited time offer includes Cindy’s latest THREE releases on Blue Élan Records for ONLY $20 plus shipping.  Critically acclaimed and award winning, each CD has a unique perspective.  

“Curve” is the story of Cindy’s journey through breast cancer, from discovery through recovery.  

“An American Girl” is a look back at an artist’s coming of age and coming to terms in a world where the odds are not always stacked in our favor, but still emerging with hope and faith.   

“Deep Waters” is Cindy’s newest cd, an exploration of love in all its forms— sacred, passionate, sexual, maternal, even remorseful and misguided—and always with an unrelenting truthfulness. 

Discover why L.A. Music Awards calls Cindy “one of the best singer songwriters in the last 25 years of the L.A. music scene.

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  1. Heels Over Head
  2. Old Dreams
  3. Who Will Be There
  4. Spin Around
  5. Hit Song
  6. Stronger Together
  7. Carry Me Away
  8. Not Alive
  9. Anesthesia
  10. Hard to Be You
  11. Good Time Sally
  12. January Song
  13. Destiny (Bonus Track)

American Girl:

  1. Play
  2. Monarch
  3. See You In L.A.
  4. Burdens and Bones (How Bad Do You Want It?)
  5. American Girl

Deep Waters:

  1. Heaven's Wall
  2. Fireball
  3. Unspoken
  4. Path of Least Resistance
  5. Deep Waters
  6. Forever Bound
  7. Good Mother
  8. Push
  9. Hands
  10. Relentlessly