Jesse Dayton "The Revealer" CD


Jesse Dayton "The Revealer" CD


Jesse Dayton’s 9th studio album, "The Revealer," is a barn burner gumbo of country, blues and punk, all mixed together into what would now be called Americana. Produced by John Evans and engineered by Steve Christiansen at the legendary Sugar Hill Studios in Houston. 

1. Daddy Was a Badass (3:59)
2. Holy Ghost Rock N Roller (3:13)
3. The Way We Are (2:54)
4. Eatin' Crow and Drinkin' Sand (4:43)
5. Possum Ran Over My Grave (3:03)
6. Take Out the Trash (3:00)
7. Mrs. Victoria (Beautiful Thing) (3:33)
8. 3 Pecker Goat (3:11)
9. Match Made in Heaven (3:14)
10. I'm At Home Gettin' Hammered (While She's Out Gettin' Nailed) (2:13)
11. Never Started Livin' (4:07)
12. Big State Motel (4:18)

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