Rod Melancon "Southern Gothic" Pre-Order - Vinyl


Rod Melancon "Southern Gothic" Pre-Order - Vinyl


**This is a pre-order; All orders will not ship until the week of June 16th**

All pre-orders will receive a digital copy of "Southern Gothic" the week of June 16th

Order includes Southern Gothic Vinyl and LA 14 CD 

Rod Melancon’s Southern Gothic is the full length follow up to his 2016 critically acclaimed EP, LA 14. Building on the foundation laid with his 2014 LP Parish Lines, the character development and songwriting on the new album is world class. 

Side 1

1. With the Devil (4:45)

2. Perry (3:29)

3. Lights of Carencro (3:29)

4. Dwayne and Me (4:01)

5. Promises (3:40)

Side 2

1. RedHead (3:35)

2. Praying For Light (3:40)

3. Mary Lou (3:19)

4. Different Man (3:40)

5. Outskirts of You (4:02)

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