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SEE is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from New York. Having been heavily influenced by music throughout her childhood, SEE began to play the drums at age 13. In the years following, SEE self taught herself every instrument she plays – including the drums, guitar, bass, ukulele, piano, and steel drum. At 15, SEE began writing her own original music and was recording full length multi-track instrumental compositions in her bedroom with the help of GarageBand and a Wii microphone.

In 2011 SEE took her music to the streets when she became the primary songwriter/drummer for a successful Alternative/Indie Rock band on Long Island. From 2011-2013, SEE acquired valuable skills in professional studio recording and video production. The band experience also provided SEE with a substantial amount of live performance opportunities including features on cable TV and FM radio broadcasts to playing live gigs in a variety of bars, colleges, and music venues throughout New York – including the legendary Bitter End in Greenwich Village, NYC.

By early 2013 SEE discovered that her powerful voice.coupled with her strong song writing skills, presented her with a fierce and undeniable skill set as a musician that ultimately gave birth to her solo career.

SEE's talents as vocalist, songwriter and solo performer are showcased on her original debut single/music video “Waiting For You” released in October 2013. Recorded and mixed completely on her own, “Waiting For You” exhibits SEE’s ability to create music with a distinct calming atmosphere while still maintaining the format and memorability of a pop song. While simultaneously working on her original music, SEE has also been busy attracting fans worldwide to her unique style by releasing interpretations of popular songs from many of today’s most successful musicians. Recently, SEE has been promoting her music by performing live weekly in various venues - from bars, to coffee houses and clubs to open air markets, colleges, and numerous street and town festivals throughout New York. SEE was also featured as an artist in the popular iTunes podcast sessions series "Live @ Deepwells Acoustic Long Island".

Now at age 19, SEE has released her debut EP, "The Time Thief" which is available on her online store and also in digitally on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, SoundCloud and Youtube. Composed of all original songs, The Time Thief is a personal and completely solo work that exhibits SEE’s extraordinary talents at composing memorable music and writing mindful lyrics while underscoring her remarkable and unique achievement at self producing in her home studio with Logic Pro X entirely on her own. With undeniable talent, drive, originality and ambition SEE is well on the road of achieving her goal of being one of the most influential artists of her generation.

// On Tour Now //

April 30 // New York, NY // Standard Rooftop