At Blue Élan, we believe in doing things differently. We are an artist-friendly label, bringing expertise, a history of working with artists, perseverance, and very artist-favorable terms. 

We make available to established artists our distribution services, relationships, dedication, and PR/publicist  services.  We also provide the opportunity for new and established artists to go into the recording studio to work with a two-time Grammy nominated producer and musician (who, as a recording artist, had three albums released on major labels) and other producers with a substantial history of success--as producers and as recording artists.  For those individual artists or groups who might look to be helped by musicians in the studio or seek material to record, we arrange for session musicians and provide access to material from proven songwriters or the opportunity to collaborate with these songwriters. We also arrange for the services of an established and industry-recognized independent music video production team. In addition to recording and releasing full-length albums from our artists, we will be releasing selected tracks on a label sampler album (digital release and CDs), backed by a national promotional campaign. 

The Bottom Line
Simply put, we think music and the process of making music should be about the fun, the creativity, the excitement, and the chance to be heard. We chose part of our name to reflect our commitment to energy and enthusiasm. We hope you'll consider joining us in this musical journey.