New Single From Car Astor (fka SEE) “Girlfriend”

Electo-pop powerhouse Car Astor (formerly know as SEE) has just release her newest single “Girlfriend”!

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Car Astor – Girlfriend [Official Audio]

“Girlfriend”, written with Kirsten Maxwell and produced with Walter Kazmier, marks new territory for Car Astor. “It’s the first song I’ve written from this angry emotion an it’s also probably the most upbeat and dance-y song I’ve done!”

Starting at the otherworldly synth swagger of its opening line, this new single elicits a visceral need to move. The songs irresponsible pop-powered melody and lyrics keep your brain laser focused while the riotous layers fo reverb-heavy and serrated synthesizers consume the rest of your body.

Car Astor explains the lyrical origin, “‘Girlfriend’ is about a try confusing emotional relationship I was caught in for this past year,” explains the Long Island, NY-based Car Astor. “I met someone and we had a very obvious connection, but they were seeing someone else, so it got really messy. This song was written during an angry moment, so I’m really just trying to relay exactly how I felt to be as honest and straightforward as possible.”

Listen to “Girlfriend” on your favorite retailer by clicking below: