Mustangs of the West tackle Pretenders’ “2000 Miles”

Mustangs of the West find holiday spirit in Pretenders’ iconic “2000 Miles

In the band’s own words:

“When we were asked to choose a Christmas song, we thought about what would uniquely represent Mustangs of the West amidst so many holiday favorites. We wanted to choose a song that hadn’t already been done countless times, would fit our guitar-driven sound, and a song we’d love playing. After we listened to a lot of songs, lead singer/acoustic guitarist Suzanna Spring suggested “2000 Miles” by Pretenders. As an all-female band, honoring rock icon Chrissie Hynde meant a lot to us. The song felt right and came together easily in the studio, with Aubrey’s acapella intro and violin, Sherry’s 12-string guitar, a great groove from Holly and Suzanne, plus chimes and marching drum. We’re excited to get the holiday season rolling with this new release from Blue Élan Records”

Click here to stream “2000 Miles” now: