RWB’s “I’ve Got a Feeling it Hurts” Unveiled

We are thrilled to unveil Red Wanting Blue’s new single, “I’ve Got A Feeling It Hurts,” a stunning, sonic duet with former tour-mate, Liz Brasher, out today.

When deciding to hit the road last spring, it was Red Wanting Blue‘s producer, acclaimed singer/songwriter Will Hoge, who suggested Liz Brasher as the tour opener. The quintet are long-time fans of creating a ‘community with the bands around us’ as explained by lead singer, Scott Terry. “We have always enjoyed taking bands that we are friends with, bringing them on the road and then inviting them to join us on-stage.”

It was during the California leg of that tour that the band invited Liz to join them for a duet of the heart-wrenching song, “I’ve Got A Feeling It Hurts.” Liz didn’t just learn the verse and join in, instead she took the opportunity to create more of a duet than was originally written. The result was an electrifying, live delivery, so much so that fans started asking about this ‘alternate version.’

Scott commented, “Liz really brought her personality and style to the song, and by doing so, gave the song a whole new dynamic. Once she was there, it was hard to imagine the song without her.” An idea sprang forth, with the band and Liz both in Nashville for Americanafest last September, why not record the new version?

Liz adds, “Being able to see a song transform in-front of our eyes every night with audiences demanding to hear it again is such a unique experience. It felt like the guys in RWB & I had always done this song together – it was just so natural! I’m thankful to have been a part of it and for them to have trusted me with their song.”

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Red Wanting Blue have select dates throughout February and March, including the Blue Élan Records SXSW showcase on March 15 at Lamberts as well as three dates with The Trews at the end of March.

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