Red Wanting Blue Member Playlists on Spotify Now!

We asked the guys in Red Wanting Blue to let us know what they’ve been listening to, so they decided to each make playlist on Spotify.

Check them out and be sure to follow the band on Spotify!

Mark’s Playlist

“This playlist is all over the place but it consists of songs that bring back vivid memories of my life. Whenever I hear these songs I get flashbacks of friends, places, and emotions that are linked to when I heard them for the first time. Love how music can do that.” – Mark

Listen to Mark’s Playlist by clicking HERE!

Eric’s Playlist

“List of songs in current rotation while exercising or scooting around town” – Eric

Listen to Eric’s Playlist by clicking HERE!


Scott’s Playlist

“Here are some of my recent favorites!” – Scott

Listen to Scott’s Playlist by clicking HERE!


Greg’s Playlist 

“This playlist is a mix of my favorite songwriters and all around feel good driving songs. I find myself constantly gravitating towards these songs for a little pick me up during the day. I admire the musician’s, producers, engineers, and mixers who worked on these tunes. It’s a bit nostalgic with a hint of newness mixed in along the way. It all kicks off with our song, ‘Lily White‘, which was mixed by the one and only F Reid Shippen.” Greg

Listen to Greg’s Playlist by clicking HERE!

Dean’s Playlist

“This playlist is just some tunes I’ve spent a lot of time with over the years and some current stuff I’m really getting into. I love a playlist because it puts you back in the place of where you first heard the song or how it makes you feel. A bit of a glimpse into someones musical brain. I’ve been doing a lot of recording back in my drum space lately and I think that’s what the playlist is based on, different sounds, and different approaches to recording all centered around good sounds. I included ‘Survival Song‘ off our new record because I’m really proud of the sounds we got on that one.” – Dean

Listen to Dean’s Playlist by clicking HERE!