Roan Yellowthorn Shares New “Stranger” Single Off Their Upcoming Album, Another Life

Indie-Pop duo Roan Yellowthorn share the final single before their upcoming album, Another Life, “Stranger.”

Roan Yellowthorn - StrangerToday, Roan Yellowthorn has shared the final single before their upcoming album, Another Life, releases — “Stranger.” Listen/download the track here:

Here’s what Roan Yellowthorn’s Jackie McLean had to say about the track:

I discovered Alex Cameron’s song, “Stranger’s Kiss,” three years ago. Instantly, I was hooked. I watched the music video with my daughter Rosa, who was three at the time, over and over again. I couldn’t look away. I delved deeper into his work and discovered a body of music that was complex, unique, and evocative. In my own life, I often felt crippled by anxiety and fear that was usually triggered by speculation about what other people could possibly be thinking about me. Alex Cameron didn’t seem to care. He did things his own way. He seemed so unafraid.

While I was writing songs for my album, I probed my own psyche, evaluating what was available to mine into music. It wasn’t long before I found Alex in there — with all of the hope and inspiration that he and his music represented to me. Meanwhile, “Stranger’s Kiss” had become my daughter’s favorite song. It played in the background of our lives almost every single day.

The song that resulted was “Stranger.” It was one of the easiest songs I’ve ever written. It just flowed out, I think because so much of the groundwork had already been laid. In the recesses of my own mind.

Two years later, we recorded the song with our dream producer, John Agnello. We talked about how wild it would be if Alex heard it someday.

After we got the masters back, I decided to take a chance. I found an email address on his band’s facebook page and sent the song into the abyss. I didn’t expect to get a message back. But then, a few days later, there was a message in my inbox. From the man, himself.

This was almost a year ago. Since then, Alex Cameron has gone from a stranger to a friend. He told me that “Stranger,” made him cry. That it helped him to feel validated in what he was doing. I told him that hearing back from him did something just as profound for me. That it gave me hope that what I was doing could be a path to satisfaction and connection. To something real.

I’m excited to share this song, “Stranger,” with you. And I’m excited to share that you can get my whole new album, Another Life, downloaded instantly when you preorder, starting this Friday. The album includes “Stranger” along with 10 other songs, all very personal and about a range of emotional and evocative, often unorthodox, things. Produced by John Agnello, this is a special collection. I can’t wait for you to hear it.


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