It’s Finally Here…’Waitin’ For The Sun’ by Rusty Young Released

Today is a day more than 50 years in the making . . . .

Poco arose from the ashes of Buffalo Springfield as one of the pioneers of country-rock music.  And while various Poco members, including Richie Furay, Randy Meisner, Jim Messina, and Timothy B. Schmidt, left to make new marks elsewhere over the years, co-founder Rusty Young continued to build and carry on the Poco legend.  Now, after Poco’s legacy of a record of the year, platinum and gold sales, a #1 single, songs that have become indelible parts of our musical landscape, and countless gigs, we are privileged to be releasing Rusty Young’s first solo album ever.

It almost didn’t happen.  Rusty was prepared to enjoy his well-earned right to relax, with Poco playing only a few dates a year.  But, we were hoping he would join our label family. As our president, Kirk Pasich, explains, “To me, Rusty Young was and is Poco.  We thought a solo album would be a special album, and a fitting contribution to his legacy.  We knocked on his door and we’re all fortunate that he answered.”

Rusty explains how this album came to be.   “I knew they had America’s Gerry Beckley, a friend of mine, and Jack Tempchin.  I talked to the guys and they were really happy with the label and loved being there. So, I thought, ‘this is pretty much the last time around for me’ and I’d never done a solo album. It’s a great challenge to accept at this time in my life.”

And accept that challenge Rusty did.  Waiting for the Sun is a reflection of all that Poco is and has been.  The contributions from Furay, George Grantham, Messina, and Schmidt add a special touch, but this is Rusty Young, the heart and soul of Poco.

As Rusty says, “I’m really, really proud of the new album. To me, it’s Poco music and Buffalo Springfield music. All my influences are here. I think people will love it.”

So do we.  Yes, it stirs traces of nostalgia.  But, it’s so much more than that.  Harmonies, beautiful melodies, sterling vocals, varying tempos, songs that you cannot forget.  A singer/songwriter at his peak, with an album that deserves to be heard.  This is Rusty Young, pure and simple.  And that, my friends, is something special.

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