Rusty Young’s New Video for “My Friend” Out Now!

“My Friend” is about Poco over the years and the friendships we share to this day. That’s why I called Richie and Timothy; the song is about them. It’s about all of the guys , who have been part of this band, over years, we are all still friends on this magical trip, it’s about where we were and were we are now, it’s my favorite song on the album.” When sharing his thoughts on the creative process for songs like “My Friend”, Rusty said, “Sometimes as a songwriter, you get lucky. A song comes to you and you just have to write it down and not get in the way…this song was a gift.”

Featuring photos throughout the video, both band members and fans alike, grew out of the idea of that magical trip through time, “When we started playing the song live and I looked out at the audience at all of the ‘Poco-Nuts’ who, for 50 years, have been there with us all of that time, too. It suddenly dawned on me that is about them as much as it’s about the guys in the band and I realized, this is a bigger song that I first thought.” Rusty went on, “Tht’s where the idea for the video came in. Let’s show the different incarnations of this band, through our history, and let’s include those fans who have been right there with us.”

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