Janiva Magness – Blue Again / Love Wins Again – CD Bundle

Janiva Magness

Track Listing: Blue Again

  1. I Can Tell (4:19)
  2. I love You More Than You’ll Ever Know (5:38)
  3. If I Can’t Have You (4:00)
  4. Tired of Walking (3:05)
  5. Buck (2:31)
  6. Pack It Up (3:54)

Track Listing: Love Wins Again

  1. Love Wins Again (3:18)
  2. Real Slow (3:51)
  3. When You Hold Me (3:57)
  4. Say You Will (3:50)
  5. Doorway (3:57)
  6. Moth To A Flame (4:44)
  7. Your House Is Burnin’ (3:57)
  8. Just Another Lesson (3:08)
  9. Rain Down (4:01)
  10. Long As I Can See The Light (3:17)
  11. Who Will Come For Me (4:38)



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Blue Again

2017 release. Blue Again comes hot on the heels of Magness’ 2016 Grammy nominated album Love Wins Again. Anyone who has ever heard Magness sing – live or on any of the multiple releases she has put out since coming on the scene in 1992 – can immediately divine that this is a strong, resilient, commanding woman in masterful control of her voice and her destiny. In the space between the notes you can hear a performer who has survived a difficult life by anyone’s measure to become one of the top blues vocalists of her generation, only the second woman, after blues legend Koko Taylor, to win the coveted B.B. King Entertainer of the Year award. Blue Again collects Magness’ interpretations of a half dozen classics from the blues canon and beyond, including numbers made famous by Bo Diddley, Freddie King, Etta James, and Nina Simone.

Love Wins Again

Janiva Magness’ 2016 album Love Wins Again is yet another evolutionary step for the soulful, elegant, award-winning singer/songwriter. The album’s title is a mantra that resonates throughout: the concept of love as a physical, psychic and spiritual force that has the strength to conquer negativity, sadness and personal demons. Love Wins Again marks Magness’ fifth collaboration with four-time Grammy nominated producer Dave Darling (Glen Campbell, Brian Setzer) whose instincts compel Magness to tap her deepest creative powers and lead her songs to unpredictable places. Her singing rings with sincerity. Since launching her career with 1992’s More Than Live, she has grown to become an accomplished storyteller and diviner of the heart, allowing songs like the title track, “Doorway” and “Say You Will” to reveal life’s potent truths.