Bob Gentry – Back on the Horse – Digital EP

Bob Gentry

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Track Listing:

  1. 20 Years to Life
  2. My Mistake (feat. Roan Yellowthorn)
  3. Lead Me On
  4. Now That You’re Gone
  5. Living With Your Ghost



Bob Gentry ‘s Back on the Horse EP produced by GRAMMY-nominated Dave Darling. Gentry is “Back on the Horse” after he regrettably resigned himself to leave his music career behind and relocate to Palm Springs, a decade ago. Now with a second shot at his music being heard, Gentry is ready to embrace this life once again.  “I know second chances don’t often come around, I’m ready to give this all I have.  Like so many things in my life, I keep asking myself ‘Is this really happening? And now, at this stage in my life?’ Crazy!”

Bob Gentry is “Getting Back on the Horse” with his first EP release in over 10 years.

20 Years to Life

Well, it’s actually a quirky love song, and about commitment. People joke about marriage and relationships being some sort of Life Sentence, but liking someone enough to say, “Yes, lock me up, no parole, let me prove it by sticking around, cuff me up, etc…” is what the song’s all about.

My Mistake

It was Kirk’s idea to try My Mistakeas a duet with Jackie McLean of Roan Yellowthorn. I admit, revisiting an old song isn’t always fun [as a songwriter, we’re always wanting to do new things] but in this case, doing it with Jackie made the song feel new again. I think Jackie and I only ran through it about 3 or 4 times to prep… and then we jumped in front of the studio mic and got it in 1 and a 1/2 takes. So it’s actually a Live Recording with no fancy studio trickery. I feel a little “exposed” in the track, but who wouldn’t want to be exposed with Jackie McLean, right?

Lead Me On

It’s not quite a love song, rather a lust Now that I’m older, I have more silver hairs, but I also have a few more insecurities. When I find myself around someone who gives me the butterflies, I end up acting silly, or saying things that leave me looking back thinking, “Why the hell did I do that?

Many times, It’s embarrassing. Lead Me On is about being attracted to someone and not knowing if they like you back, and not being able to read signals. It’s when you get to the point where you want to say, “Enough already! If you like me, let me know!

Now That You’re Gone (Broken Things)

I had an extremely turbulent relationship with my biological father. For most of my life, it consumed me. Our relationship was strained and I spent much of my life angry, feeling abandoned, and confused. On the morning of my father’s funeral, I sat at the piano and wrote this song. There’s so many personal lines in it that it has me wondering if others might be able to relate to it, but I don’t know. I still have a hard time performing the song without a crack in my voice or a tear in my eye.

Living With Your Ghost

Producer Dave Darling really nailed down the Nilsson vibe I was aiming for with this song. It’s not really a song about loss, rather, it’s about all that’s left after a person’s gone. Everything from the tan-marks on my hand where a ring used to be, to still receiving mail… the smell of their clothes. To this day, I still sleep on the right side of the bed. I’m grateful to have such good memories, but sometimes they haunt me a bit. Losing a friend or a parent is tough, but losing someone you were romantically involved with and loved dearly is an entirely new level of broken heart. I sure hope it makes for a dandy song though.