Janiva Magness “Fly On The Wall” Bundle Pre-order (Album Title TBD)

Janiva Magness

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Have you ever wondered what it was like to witness the creative process when new music is being made? To understand what went on behind the scenes between artist and producer? Well now’s your chance.

Janiva Magness is back in the studio and working on a brand new project for 2019! She’s working on her new album with producer Dave Darling right now, and we’re offering the exclusive, one-time chance to be a part of the process!

By taking part in the limited “Fly On The Wall” pre-order experience, you’ll be given a direct look into each part of the creative process behind this album, as it’s happening. This will come in the form of behind-the-scenes access, including personalized updates from Janiva and footage from recording, overdubs, mixing, and mastering. Updates and progress will be shared (at least) every month until release, at which point you will receive the new album with your name in the liner notes.

We’re only offering this exclusive experience to 100 fans, and this behind-the-scenes footage won’t be made available anywhere else at any time, so don’t delay. Buy now for the chance to get a first look and listen at Janiva’s new album.

The new CD will arrive in deluxe packaging exclusive to this offer, along with an exclusive t-shirt design and a set of 10 postcards from Janiva, made using personal and candid photos from the road over the course of her career.