Mustangs of The West – “Time” CD

Mustangs Of The West

This product includes (1) CD copy of Time by Mustangs of The West and an instant download of the entire digital album.

Track Listing:

  1. Long Gone Down The Road
  2. How Blue*
  3. A Little Undone*
  4. I Blame Love*
  5. Potter’s Field
  6. Dancing On The Moon
  7. In The Real West
  8. You Haven’t Seen That Part
  9. Time
  10. This Is Me Leaving
  11. Do The Math
  12. Seven Summers



Featuring strong three and four-part vocal harmonies, the chemistry of the voices and instruments creates a powerful sound that is Mustangs of the West; drawing on both country and rock influences. The nine original and three cover tunes on TIME perfectly blends the Americana, California-country and rock influences of each of the band members to create a sound that is modern yet classic.