The Rembrandts – “Via Satellite” CD + T-Shirt Bundle

The Rembrandts

Signed copy of the “Via Satellite” CD from both Danny and Phil! (while supplies last)

Each person who pre-orders the record will automatically be entered to win a signed copy of the test pressing.

  • This order includes (1) CD copy of Via Satellite, (1) T-Shirt, and (3) instant grat tracks *available for desktop download only*
  1. How Far Would You Go
  2. Broken Toy
  3. Me and Fate
  4. Count On You
  5. Traveling from Home
  6. Come to Californ-i-yay
  7. Now
  8. Off of the Edge
  9. You’d Think I’d Know
  10. On My Own


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Via Satellite, the first Rembrandts studio album in 18 years, contains meticulous, guitar-driven songs that explore every nook and cranny of the pop continuum. “How Far Would You Go” is jangly rock singed lightly with ’60s psychedelic atmosphere; “Broken Toy” hews toward dizzying power-pop with hollering vocals awash in emotional grit; and “Come to California” is electrified roadhouse blues-rock burnished by glam-soul detailing. Anchoring these songs are Solem and Wilde’s harmonies, which are imploring and tender on the twangy “Count On You”; Beatles-esque on the jaunty “Me And Fate”; and graceful spirals on the chiming midtempo ballad “Now.”

Via Satellite‘s lyrics are clear-eyed about life’s ebbs and flows—including romantic breakdowns, changes of geographical scenery and unexpected emotional fissures—and the leaps of faith people take in order to pursue happiness.