Rod Gator – “LA 14” Digital EP

Rod Gator

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Track Listing:

  1. With The Devil
  2. Perry
  3. Lights of Carencro
  4. Dwayne and Me
  5. Promises
  6. Redhead
  7. Praying for Light
  8. Mary Lou
  9. Different Man
  10. Outskirts of You



Deep in the swamp lands of South Louisiana, found in the small towns off State Highway 14, along the Parish lines and the borders that dwell with the native sons of this often unseen heartland, there are stories waiting to be told. There are ghosts to conjure up in the night fires and bayou jamborees. It takes a special artist to conjure up the soul of the land through song and story. It takes an artist possessed of a singular vision: Welcome to the world of LA 14. It is a world that is uniquely Rod Gator, born and bred in South Louisiana. On this album he has recorded a collection of songs that bring us to the feel of haunted and hunted swampy, South Louisiana nights.

On this EP, a preview of a full album to be released later this year, Gator, with the help of innovative producer, Brian Whelan, former lead guitarist for Dwight Yoakum, has pushed the artist’s song-cycle into a swamp-like, country blend that moves out to the parameters of psychedelic-rock laced through with strains of deep southern blues. It is brought together by Gator’s strong singer-songwriter sensibility. His songs here, while entirely original, echo the lyrical poetic soul of Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt.

If the finest artists write what they know, then with LA 14 Gator has not only written what he is intimately familiar with, he also gives us a portrait of his love for the land of his childhood and the souls he has encountered during his lifetime.

It is all there in these five songs; best friends, misfits, his family and his own deep understanding of the land of his birth. Together this set of songs form a theme revolving around the trials of life, mortality, loss and finally, redemption.