Rusty Young Presents Listen to Your Heart – CD

Rusty Young

Track Listing:

  1. Rusty Young – Listen To Your Heart
  2. Rusty Young – Crazy Love
  3. POCO (feat. Chelsea Williams) – Rose of Cimarron
  4. Janiva Magness – On and On
  5. Red Wanting Blue – Hitchhiker’s Lullaby
  6. Cindy Alexander – My Favorite Artist
  7. Mustangs of the West – As Tears Go By
  8. Red Wanting Blue – Go and Say Goodbye
  9. Colin Devlin – Love is Blindness
  10. Jack Tempchin, Rusty Young, and Jesse Dayton – Jesus and Mohammed
  11. Janiva Magness – Lookin’ Out My Back Door
  12. Rusty Young – My Friend



We’ve developed a tradition at our label of inviting our artists to join others in the studio, in shows, in whatever way there might be an interest. No requirements, no “you must,” just if it feels right, or it’s special, or just because. In our time that Rusty has been part of our label family, he’s the artist that others most often ask to play with or to have guest on their album. What’s not to love about Rusty? An incredible player, a great writer, a unique voice, the mainstay of Poco for more than 50 years, and just an incredibly nice human. He’s the epitome of why we have the label we have. It’s such a pleasure to share some of the songs that Rusty has graced. – Kirk Pasich, Co-Founder, Blue Élan Records

In March of 2019, we released “Listen To Your Heart” as a digital single. We also made a limited number of promotional CDs for radio.  We had some CDs left over after the radio campaign, so we sold those to raise money for Santana’s Hope for Paws. That went so well, we decided to make a second limited pressing, with an expanded track listing, featuring additional songs that Rusty has contributed too during his time on Blue Élan Records. Here’s what Rusty had to say about the inspiration for “Listen To Your Heart.”
“I’d been toying with a chord progression I really like on twelve string for a month or so. But I had no idea what the melody or lyric should be. Then one afternoon my wife Mary came home and was describing her drive through the country to visit the local dog shelter. We both love animals and have always had rescue dogs and cats. She discovered the shelter was in bad shape and decided she was going to do something about it. Mary asked what I thought and I told her, she should “Listen to her Heart.” That’s when I knew what my new song was going to be about. It’s a message we believe in.” – Rusty Young