The Textones – Old Stone Gang CD

The Textones

This order includes (1) physical copy of The Textones new CD “Old Stone Gang”

Track Listing:

  1. Downhearted Town
  2. Bared My Soul
  3. Old Stone Gang
  4. 20 Miles South of Wrong
  5. One Half Rock
  6. All That Wasted Time
  7. Midnight Roundabout
  8. Ghost On a River
  9. Come Stay The Night
  10. Carly Jo
  11. Walkin’ Or Waitin’
  12. Ride On



The record features Carla Olson, George Callins, Rick Hemmert, Tom Jr. Morgan, and Joe Read with appearances by all original Textones members Markus Cuff, David Provost, Phil Seymour, Kathy Valentine, Barry Goldberg, and a special appearance by Rusty Young adding mandolin and his world famous pedal steel guitar!